RStudio Connect I can’t say enough good things about RStudio Connect! I use it on a daily basis for dashboards, applications, markdown docs, and automated internal and external (client) reports. Most recently, the team also uses it integrated with Python (via reticulate), which comes in handy when an R package has limitations for whatever reason. This post provides a quick and dirty failsafe that provides reports from sending when a condition is not met as RStudio Connect does not have a built-in solution natively as of yet.

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A tiny package to format numbers I came across this ‘problem’ in a professional setting where (especially) large numbers (> 1M) had to be presented in a neat and tidy way. Tools like Looker let you use Excel formatting options and short-code, such as 0.000,,\" M\" for a number in millions with three decimals. I didn’t find a package that let me do that, other than the sitools package with some exceptions, so I wrote a very tiny package that lets you do just that; add number formatting (numbers only, and ggplot2 axis).

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The global.R file What does it do? How do you do it? Final thought The global.R file Anybody who has ever created a shiny app or a shinydashboard has probably had the problem of the ui.R and server.R or the app.R files becoming very complex and crowded. Sure, if you’re app is very simple, you don’t have any side-bar with several tabs, etc. then you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but bear with me, this might still be interesting further down the road on your journey to becoming a Shiny master.

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